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Private Network
Some businesses need to broadcast internal information, promote events or services to customers, guests or employees. Our Digital Advertising Screens can help your company get the message out. WDA will locate strategic locations and create the content to make your Private Internal Network effective.

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Benefits of a Private Network

Whether the purpose is for information, advertising or a combination, our creative team can design custom screens that will carry the branding style of your corporate identity. Working together we will develop a custom design to fit your application and communicate your message to your target audience.

Digital signage allows marketing to transcend its medium and connect to consumers in a way that static materials simply canít.

Digital signage produces a significant time savings for your marketing department. You donít have to print, ship or create installation instructions for each ad campaign with digital signage. There is very little time lost between concept design approval, media production and roll-out.

Way-Finding Systems: Digital signage can display directions and other information that is of value to guests.

Retail Solutions: Now in-house marketing can be consistent. Retailers no longer have to hope that staff will promptly put out campaign material. WDA can deploy the materials for you.

Product Demonstrations: Running a house promotion has never been easier. Digital signage can help sell product concepts and benefits.

Corporate Networks: Digital signage can communicate with staff far more efficiently and accurately than cork boards and emails. Display company events, holidays, policies, meeting schedules, congratulations and promotions.

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