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Become A Host
Does your business qualify to be a Digital Billboard Host Location? Contact us today for details on having a screen placed in your business. Great for internal advertising and discounted rates across the entire WDA Digital Billboard Network.

We install the signs, we maintain them throughout their lives, we provide the creative content, and we secure advertisers.
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What it takes to become a Worldwide Digital Advertising Host:

  • Complete a host survey packet to see if your location qualifies. Download a Host Survey Packet Here!
  • Allow us to place our screen in a suitable, high traffic location within your business.
  • Allow Worldwide Digital Advertising to use power and internet within your facility.
  • Sign a hosting agreement.
  • 3 ads MUST be SOLD to qualify as a new host location for WDA.

  • Benefits of Becoming a Host:

    In exchange for being a host, Worldwide Digital Advertising will provide you with a high quality LED/LCD screen in your location and give you a constant presence on your screen as well as give you FREE advertising spots within our network!
    * Constant presence on your location's screen provides added value for your customers. (Design fee of $300.00 may apply)
    * Upcoming event information.
    * Promote Host Information
    * Decreased perceived dwell-time at your location.
    * No Audio, all ads are video format
    * For every 5 paid advertisers on host screen, hosts get 1 FREE AD on other WDA screens. (up to 6 locations FREE)
    * Direct competitors will not be allowed to advertise within your host location.

    Host Responsibilities:

    * Screen must be on during business hours/ off when business is closed.
    * Anytime the screen displays an error contact Worldwide Digital Advertising ASAP.
    * Refer new advertisers for host screen and get FREE ads.

    Our Repsonsibilities:

    Worldwide Digital Advertising installs and connects the monitor all at our cost.
    Management of the screen content is handled remotely by Worldwide Digital Advertising.
    We install the signs, we maintain them throughout their lives, we provide the creative content, and we secure advertisers.

    Why Become a Host?

    Worldwide Digital Advertising strives to accomplish all your goals to become your primary marketing solution. Our expertise in all aspects of the digital signage arena gives us the ability to cater to all your digital advertising needs. Worldwide Digital Advertising capitalizes on the new technological innovations by creating dynamic, updateable, ads that provide timely, relevant content to consumers.

    Our Advertising method enables the advertiser to alter and update their ads without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Having the flexibility to change your ads quickly gives you the power to keep your customers updated with new advertising incentives. Digital Signage has become one of the most dominant ways to enhance your brand recognition, as well strengthen your brand image. By having the ability to custom-tailor your ad content to fit the preferences of your target demographic viewer, advertisers ultimately see an increase in sales.

    In an era of constant change the use of technology is the most beneficial way to reach the largest possible audience of consumers. Digital signage is the future of advertising. The incorporation of this timely, relevant content captivates the audience and leads to a better recall rate than television commercials, radio advertisements, and print ads. Worldwide Digital Advertising is committed to providing an innovative way to fulfill all your marketing needs.

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